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                         Past Monthly Photos

Be patient, we try to post as many photos as we can for your enjoyment. They take a while to download but we think you'll agree it worth it...

Back Left to Right:  Charlie Sammut, Heather Greaux, and Suzi Greenberg  Front Seated: Jane Goodall

While working for EARS (Elephants of Africa Rescue Society) at the Wildlife Conservation Network EXPO this October, Charlie and EARS' board members, Heather and Suzi, were able to meet Jane Goodall, world renown primatologist. Although the lines governing the philosophies behind Jane's and Charlie's worlds are sometimes blurred, the best interests of the animals is always a shared and common goal. We feel that continued communication will always be in the best interests of all and hopefully the key to success for the animals.

This was truly an honor to all. Special thanks to Charlie Knowles, founder of the WCN for bringing so many diverse philosophies to one table on weekend. We urge anyone interested in animal conservation to visit the WCN website and get involved.

Dan & Enzo

May 3rd of 2003 marked the date of our 3rd annual fundraiser for EARS- Elephants of Africa Rescue Society- The evening was hosted by KSBW TV anchorman, Dan Green along with KWAV Radio morning show DJs, Shelly Hayes and Jack Peterson. Our guest celebrity this year was ENZO, a jack russell terrier, best known for playing the part of Eddy on the hit TV show, Frazier.

Those present were able to be photographed with Enzo who arrived in his private limo after dinner. This star has more class than many we've worked with! Click here to check out other photos from the event and prior events...

Special thanks to Birds & Animals Unlimited for helping make Enzo's appearance possible.

The most popular question:

WHAT WAS HE LIKE ? Click here for a special tribute to Steve.

Well,,, he really wass a great guy with a special way with the animals. On this July, we got to work at the opening of Steve Irwin's new feature film, The Crocodile Hunter-Collision Course with our cheetah friends. Steve and his wife were truly a blast to be around - it was a good day.

Special thanks to Rob and Barbara Dicely of Leopards Etc. for owning the cheetahs we used, Sheryl Shawver from Animal Actors for hiring us to work on the event and Steve of course for being cool.

Left: Steve Irwin (left), Charlie center and Kgosi (Rt) strike a pose.

above: Dan and Kate - is there love in this room or what? Dan is probably responsible for most of the money raised this evening. As a news anchorman he is good, as an auctioneer he is GREAT!!!

For those who didn't know it, May 11th of 2002 marked the date of our 2nd annual Elephants of Africa Rescue Society (EARS) fundraiser.

This year, our hosts and hostesses for the evening were Dan Green and Kate Callaghan from our local KSBW TV station and Shelly Hayes and Jack Peterson from our local KWAV Radio station.

All did a wonderful job helping us raise over $60,000 that evening. Be sure to visit our EARS page for more on that evening and about EARS.

Shelly attempts to do the impossible, quiet Jack... These folks are a big part of helping our animals throughout the entire year.


        No-one leaves without a kiss from "Brandi"

(In order from top to bottom) "Buffy", Charlie, and Reggie.

It looks like it's another sport month at Wild Things with a special visit from Reggie Jackson. Reggie dropped in with his family and spent a couple hours with us and once again, it was refreshing for a sports enthusiasts like Charlie to realize what a great guy Reggie really is. Reggie was also kind enough to sign some baseballs for us auction off at our next E.A.R.S. fundraiser.


John Madden with Charlie & "Lisa"

One of our favorite places to work in studio has become the Goal Line Studios. They're close to Wild Things, they have a stage and psych wall large enough for a herd of elephants, and they are about as friendly and accomodating as a studio can possibly be.

The fact that the studio is owned by football icon, John Madden, and run by his family makes working there even better for a football fan like Charlie. On occasion, we actually find the "big guy" at the studio and he is kind enough to pose for a few photos.


Once again, Boyd Matson visited, compliments of National Geographic Explorer Television Program, to shoot some footage with Charlie and "Lisa".

As always, special thanks to Boyd for making things go as smoothly as could ever be expected.


"Brandi Bear" had a very busy few months which started with an appearance on the Norm Show and ended with a role on the Drew Carey Show where she played a beer drinking bear.

Special thanks to Steve Martin's Working Wildlife and Animal Actors for the work and the help as well as Drew Carey for the photo.

Drew Carey, "Brandi", and Charlie


Not an easy shoot for  country music fans like Charlie & "Kolar", but September of 2000 brought them to the set of "Master-P" for the filming of his new video, "He did That"...

This could be Charlie's first Rap CD - He said he actually learned to like the song after hearing it so many times.


Charlie & Boyd holding "Kodak" & "Kasper"

National Geographic brought their TV host, Boyd Matson by the compound to shoot a spot with Brandi, our bear... While he was there, he couldn't resist the babies.  Boyd was a tribute to celebrities working with animals. Special thanks to him and his crew.


Rob Lowe with Staff and "Klondike".

I know, we're a little behind on the Monthly Photos but Christmas had us all running wild (no pun intended).

Christmas at Wild Things includes our weekend night tours where our guests can see our facility completely lit and decorated as well as experience our animal's activities after dark.

These tours include cookies and hot chocolate, a visit from the big guy (Santa) and a photo with our reindeer.

This year we were treated with a surprise visit by actor Rob Lowe and his family. These tours are alot of work for our staff and volunteers (most of which are female). This helped make those efforts a little more worth while. Thanks Rob.


(left to right) Tippi Hedren, Charlie Sammut, Hayden Rosenaur, Rob Dicely with Zulu & Shaka.

Wild Things owner, Charlie Sammut (left) with artist, Bo Newell  catering to "Josef's" need for a belly rub...

Actually, three photos this month ... Bo Newell is yet another artist who gives back to the animals for what they give to him. Through the efforts of our volunteer, Suzie Greenburg, Bo visited Wild Things while he was here making arrangements to participate in a fund raiser for the Cheetah Conservation Fund.  Also present to help make the fund raiser a huge success were Tippi Hedren and "Shaka" & "Zulu",  two one year old cheetahs whose appearance was donated by owner, Dawn Simas of Wild about Cats.(Please visit our "Friends Links" page for more info on C.C. F., the art of Bo Newel, Wild about Cats, and many more).


In all fairness to our NFL/Wild Things fans, it seems only fair to give Greenbay the same credit we gave San Francisco. Above, (lft to right) unk. actor, Greenbay QB Brett Farve, Wild Things owner Charlie Sammut and Wild Things trainer Christy Ingram. Our lioness "Lady", was working with Brett on a Right Guard deodorant commercial. Special thanks to Steve Martins Working Wildlife for taking us on the shoot.


While on the set of Tiger - Lord of the Jungle - a Discovery Channel TV special and video, we had the opportunity to work James Brolin, an individual who made being on set fun for both the crew and the animals. His concern for the health and well being of the animals  (especially the cubs) was always a recognized issue. Mr. Brolin was even kind enough to bring us on board an AAMCO commercial several months later in Utah.

Left to right: Ron Whitfield, Wild Things Trainer-Christy Ingram, Wild Things Owner-Charlie Samut, Actor-James Brolin, and Rons wife - Julie Whitfield

Wild Things owner Charlie Sammut (left)  with his Australian Shepherd "Rosie" and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young (rt).

Rosie was taught to run on a treadmill for a commercial with Steve advertising Proform athletic equipment.

Our hats off to Steve, a class act who treats his fans wonderfully !!! And special thanks to Proform, who were so impressed with Rosie's performance, they gave Charlie a treadmill.

Every once in a great while, you do a job that makes being in the industry, very worth while...this was one of those jobs.


Left to right: Martha Stewart, Cassie , Charlie & Brandi

While working in Monterey last month for wildlife expert Jim Fowler at the TED conference, our "Brandi" bear met a special friend and bear enthusiast, Martha Stewart.

Special thanks to Jim Fowler for inviting us and to Martha Stewart for the photo opportunity.

(Martha never knew what devoted fans she had in Brandi and Wild Thing's trainer, Cassie Ley.

YES, WE REALLY ARE A WILD ANIMAL COMPANY...  although one wouldn't think so by the number of dog jobs we've been involved in lately.

January thru March of 1999 found us on an L.A. film set filming 3D IMAX production, "the MAGIC BOX" which is the life story of Siegfried & Roy. We provided cheetahs, white and orange tigers, ravens and a dog for the show as well as misc. animals filmed in blu-screen for the zoo scenes.

It was a joy to discover that both Siegfried & Roy are the animal advocates we have always heard them to be. Our animals loved them!They demanded and achieved a respect for the animals on set that was both refreshing and deserved. Should such respect for these creatures ever become "standard" in the industry, it could only give the film world a little more integrity and honor.  It was an pleasure to be a part of this project.


Above, Wild Things owner, Charlie Sammut, is seen with Roy, actor- Cameron Alexander (who does a wonderful job of  portraying Roy as a child in the film) and ""Obe", who portrays Roy's childhood dog and best friend. Special thanks to Herb Myers, Obe's owner who upon hearing of our need for such a specific breed and the nature of the project, trusted us, unconditionally with Obe. As for Obe, never have we worked with a more intelligent, happy, and patient animal!!! Unconditional love takes on a much deeper meaning with Obe.

Left to Right: Laurie Marker, Charlie Sammut, and Cathryn Hilker. (Front: Sahara )

On a recent trip to Ohio, Charlie got to spend several days with our good friends from the Cincinnati Zoo. Cathryn Hilker has been a very respected  name in concervation that Charlie has always wanted to put a face to and this was the perfect opportunity.  Cathryn heads the Cincinnati Zoo Cat Ambassador program which does wonders for cheetahs. The zoo was hosting the annual board meeting of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) at the time so it also brought Charlie together with his good friend and founder of CCF, Laurie Marker.

Special thanks to Ken and Gabrielle Adelman for inviting us on the trip - it was truly worthwhile.

(left to right) Charlie Sammut, Isabella Roselini and Charlie Knowles visit with our cougar, "Roper".

(left to right) Charlie Knowles ,WCN Founder - Isabella Roselini, model / film& television star / WCN spokesperson  and  Charlie Sammut, owner Wild Things with "Buffy" our African Elephant.

So often, celebrities visit our facility but every once in a great while, one comes through that restores our faith in people. Isabella Roselini was in fact one of those special guests. A personal friend of our friend, Charlie Knowles, and spokesperson for  Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN), Isabella was one of the kindest most enjoyable people we have ever spent the day with.

We urge all to visit the WCN web site (click on link below) and learn about the tremendous strides in wildlife conservation Charlie Knowles and Isabella are making.

Special thanks to Charlie Knowles for introducing us to such a special person and to Isabella for being such a special person.

Cheif Ortega & Forest 002 sml

For our Special February Valentines Night Tours, we had a special visit from Mr & Mrs. "Salinas Police Chief" Dan Ortega.  Seen here "monkey-ing" around with Wild Things owner Charile Sammut (left) and Forest, our Valentines Photo mascot..

fundraiser2005 Mom, Charlie & Shari sml

left to right: Tina Sammut (Charlie's mom), Charlie Sammut (owner Wild Things) holding "KB", and Shari Belafonte

When Charlie hired Rachel Blue as our new education coordinator at Wild Things, little did he know that she came with a special "perk" - for Rachel is the niece of Shari Belafonte who was gracious enough to join us for our 2005 EARS fundraiser. We could not have been more please to meet such a beautiful, vibrant, animal loving person. Thank-you Shari for joining us and thank-you Rachel for being Shari's niece.

 Below, Salinas Mayor Anna Caballero makes her appearance at the Save Salinas Libraries  aboard "Lisa".  

Wild About Saving Salinas Library Event 061 sml
Wild About Saving Salinas Library Event 004 sml

left to right - Monterey's Bishop Ryan , "Lisa", and Wild Things' owner, Charlie Sammut

girls & mascots w-snake sml

Left to right - Wild Things Education Dept's Rachel Blue, Scooby Doo, McGruff the Crime Dog, Clifford and Wild Things Education Dept's Aja Kase sharing the stage and holding "Jewel" our albino Burmese python at a kids festival....

Leno w-girls & Mario sml

Left to Rt: Wild Things Education Coordinator, Lauren (Squeek) Hoxie holding our tamandua (lesser ant eater) " Mario", Jay Leno, and Wild Things volunteer Angela Dakus.

In case you missed it, "Mario" was a guest on the Tonight Show in May of 2006. It always a treat to participate on a show like this with a host as gracious as Jay Leno. Special thanks to Jackie Navarro of Wild Wonders for inviting us to work on the show.

PICT0346 a finished sml

Left to right: "Butch", Charlie Sammut - owner Wild Things, Bob Tarlau - Fox 11 KTTV  LA, "Lisa", Elizabeth Espinosa Fox 11 KTTV  LA, Darryl Kim - Fox 11 KTTV  LA and "Buffy".

Lower right left to right: Charlie, "Brandi", and Elizabeth

Every once in a great while, an opportunity comes along to help spread the word and help support the animals. One such opportunity was when FOX 11 in LA contacted us about doing a live show/remote from the ranch for their "Good Day L.A." morning show. Special thanks to Bob Tarlau, senior producer for making the arrangements and Elizabeth Espinosa, reporter, for having the bubbly personality that kept Charlie awake that early in the morning and stimulated more phone calls than ANY effort ever attempted at Wild Things. Obviously, this show has dedicated viewers!

Dragon Slayers is a unique, awe-inspiring innovative animal therapy program for physically challenged children and adults. Located in Aptos  California, students work with exotic and unusual animals to strengthen body, mind and spirit.

\Wild Thing's owner Charlie Sammut's career was extremely influenced by the founder of Dragon Slayers, Mr. Josef Rivers. So influenced in fact, his most valued friend, his lion Josef, is named after Mr. Rivers.

" I'm not sure I'd be in this business today if were not for special people like Josef Rivers in my life. They are who remind us what really matters in life"    Charlie

 We urge all to visit to learn more about their efforts and needs. They are truly deserving of your admiration and support.

IMG_3303 sml

Wild Things owner, Charlie Sammut with dear friend and mentor , Mr. Josef Rivers, founder and director of Dragon Slayers.

PICT1841 sml

Sophie is Charlie's personal dog and buddy as well as Bab's personal chauffeur... You have be extremely tolerant to be Charlie's dog...


We receive many photos from many visitors who want to share their experience with us but every once in a great while, we get one that really takes us by surprise. The right moment at the right time and in some cases, depicting a situation in a fashion that's not quite as it appears...

Recently, our friends from 831 Magazine visited and did a story on Wild Things and their Director of photography, Reg Regalado sent us this incredible photo of Wild Thing's owner, Charlie Sammut visiting with one of his "bestest" friends, Ed, a spotted hyena. No, he's not about to bite Charlie's face off, its the typical smile he sports whenever Charlie comes to visit and Reg was there to catch those incredible pearly whites that makes the hyena such an awesome animal!

Check out much more of Reg's work at .

DSCN2175 sml
DSCN2189 sml

A fun and welcome visit by the Cal State University Monterey Bay Girls Soft Ball Team. This great bunch of girls is the sole reason we hope more will recognize the tremendous value of having CSUMB in our community as well as supporting their many athletic programs. We encourage all to visit  to learn more about how you can help make their programs more successful.

Monterey Zoo Logo sml pt3
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