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Photo Safaris
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These photo shoots are set up and priced on a very individual basis depending on the use of the photo(s) as well as the length of the shoot, the number of animals photographed and the number of photographers.


We do our best to share our animals at Wild Things with as many people as possible, both professional and amateur.This is an opportunity for the professional and hobbyist alike to photograph aniamls from around the world with leaving the United States.

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We do our best to set up shots we are familiar with to make your photo or video experience as rewarding as possible. All photography is shot right here on Vision Quest Ranch in areas of the ranch that enable to models to look as natural as possible.

Very strict rules and requirements make these shoots extremely safe and fun for both the photographer and the aniamal(s). We are continuously being told by most of our photography clients that this is truly the biggest bang for the buck they have every experienced.

Ideal for student photographer(s), hobbyists, or anyone looking to make having a camera far more exciting than they ever imagined.

Allow us to recommend a professional photographer who will join you for an additional fee to offer instruction that will make your visit even more successful. 

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So call today for more information on our private and group photo safaris. We've NEVER had anyone leave the ranch feeling they didn't get far more than they ever imagined they would!

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(800) 228-7382

Minimum pricing for these photo shoots are $2500.00 for a four hour session with smaller animals and vary from there based on the animals requested and trainers required to accomplisht the photography. Call or email us for additional pricing based upon your needs and desires. 

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All other types of animals are priced on a case by case basis.  Let us know what types of animals you would like to photograph or video tape and what the photos will be used for and we'll give you a final estimate on your shoot day. We GUARANTEE it will be a fraction of what it would cost to visit the many countries you would need to visit to photograph the animals you'll have access to in one day.

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