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Volunteers and Interns

NOT FOR THE WEAK AT HEART... (or body)  For those "true animal lovers" who are dedicated, serious , intelligent and trust worthy. We do value those accepted into our intern and volunteer program.

Volunteers need to apply and are accepted into our volunteer program after a successful interview and after fulfilling our minimum requirements. Our facility is sanctioned by several schools and animal related programs to allow their students to serve internships with us. These students are accepted upon the reccomendation of those schools or programs.

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Chris Llewellyn  (a valued volunteer) and "Jacob". Chris is a professional trainer and the supervisor of Wildlife Theater at Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo. She visits us once a week to get her "Lion" fix... She's become an important part of Jacob's training and life.

This program is not to entertain those who participate in it ! 

We depend on our volunteers and interns therefore, the health and well being of our animals is also dependent on them.  Most volunteer and intern activities involve helping us with the tremendous amount of maintenance required by a ranch of this nature.  They also assist in our daily feeding and cleaning, but our full time staff is right there with our volunteers and interns until the work is done.

"Then we play". It's usually not for long, but volunteers and interns are invited (as safety permits) to assist in any training or social time we have scheduled for that day. They are also often invited to participate in local film shoots and display events.

Volunteers must be 18 years of age and have health insurance. Professional experience is required prior to having any contact with big cats.

Feel free to contact us for more information on our requirements to participate at Wild Things as a volunteer or an intern.

For more information on this program, contact our educational coordinator at: (831) 455-1901  Ext. 3 or

e-mail us

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"Jacob" and his harem or volunteers/trainers (left to right) Rachel, Chris, Rebecca, Cassie

Please Note: All people in the photos of this website who appear to be in full contact with large exotic cats are in fact  professional trainers and handlers who dedicate their lives to achieving such activities safely and humanely.

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